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TressAllure Perfect Wigs

What Makes the Perfect Wig?

  • Natural Appearance: A perfect wig should closely mimic the look and texture of natural hair.

  • Realistic Hair Strands with varying shades

  • A Natural Hairline: Looks like the hair is growing right out of your scalp.

  • Dimensional Colors: Blend seamlessly with your own hair or skin tones.

  • Comfortable Fit: Secure but not tight, using materials that mold to the contours of your head

  • Breathable: Light-weight materials and fibers that allow air circulation.

  • Low Density Hair: Specially knotted to look natural and not bushy.

  • Versatility: A style-able fiber or human hair that allows you to style your wig just as you would your own hair.

  • Durability: Made with fine durable materials that can withstand regular wear and tear.

  • Affordable: Whether fully machine made or hand knotted, your wig should look realistic, never bushy, be comfortable, and make you smile.

  • Easy Maintenance: Requires minimal effort to keep it looking good.

  • Confidence Boost: Ultimately, a perfect wig makes the wearer feel confident and comfortable.

Remember, you are perfect!

PICTURE PERFECT" IS THE WIG SHOWN In this video “I am Perfect”-
These are the 5 different COLORS shown on the 5 Models, as listed below:

❤️Model #1: Color: 14/26/R10- Red Blonde with Gold Blonde Highlights and Light Brown Roots

❤️Model #2: Color: 24/102/R12-Gold Blonde with Platinum Highlights with Gold Brown Roots

❤️Model #3: Color: R8- Medium Brown

❤️Model #4: Color: 17/23/R8- Beige Blonde and Auburn Blended with Medium Brown Roots

❤️Model #5: Color: 613/1001/R18 | Vanilla Blonde Platinum White Blend Rooted Ash Brown

🎉To view this PICTURE PERFECT wig on our website-Please Click Here

View the" I AM PERFECT" Video on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/shorts/1F7ZGJanhe8

Wigs shown in the banner above are:
Far Left : Smooth Cut Bob ~ Color 24/102/R12

Sheer Joy ~ Color 38/51/60

"Learn More" section: All five models wearing
Picture Perfect
❤️Model Top Left: Color: 24/102/R12
❤️Model Top Middle: Color: 17/23/R8
❤️Model Top Right: Color: 613/1001/R18
❤️Model Bottom Left: Color: 8R
❤️Model Bottom Right: Color: 14/26/R10

Second from Right: Glam ~ Color 10/130R

Far Right:
Picture Perfect ~ Color 14/26/R10

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