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Non-Slip Products

Lori's Wigsite is proud to carry this unique material called Non-Slip Skin, a special product made for those with Alopecia.

By incorporating a very special material called "artificial skin", non-slip enhanced wigs use the heat of your body instead of glue or tape to naturally adhere to your scalp.

*(Note: Non-Slip material wigs can be worn by everyone, but they adhere best when the hairs are less than 2" in length.)

Or view all of our other non slip types of products, sure to confidently keep your piece firmly affixed to your head.

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Quick Stick Headband Quick Stick Headband
Our Price: $19.95

Natural & Easy-To-Wear Non-Slip Wig Kit For All Wigs & Hair Non-Slip Wig Kit
Our Price: $65.00

Front Grip Front Grip
Our Price: $12.00