Customer Testimonials

We at Lori's Wigsite view customer satisfaction as our number one priority. Although our competitive prices and great selection may bring you to us for the first time, it is the attention and service during and after the sale that will bring you back -- and allow you to recommend us to your friends and family with confidence.

Below are just a few excerpts from the many wonderful letters we have received. We love to hear from our customers, so please visit the Feedback page and share your experience and suggestions with us.

I have worn a hairpiece for several years and have been so frustrated with the quality of hair I have been receiving. We currently have two ladies here that do hair replacement and all they were soon for me when the u it's lasted about 30 days is "let's just order a new one" very easy for them to say that because it wasn't rhyme who were paying out $500.00 per month!!!! I then decided to call loris wig site and am so glad I did. Amanda answered the phone I told her my situation and she immediately started contacting different companies that make hairpieces. She was very professional, truly listened to what I wanted and was not only able to come up with the perfect unit,she even matched my color perfectly. My hair is beautiful. I am so happy and stress free and I have confidence in the people at loris to get me the perfect unit every time.

Thank You so very much!!! Your site is just wonderful!! After going through a disaster with another company and never receiving my product, I decided to try Lori's and I am so thankful. Lori's site has been so great with customer service and answering any questions, as well as sending the product, even faster than expected. I bought the " Fire" wig and I love it! It is my first real hair wig, the cap is awesome. I will be telling everyone about this site!



I have shopped at Lori's for several years. I have never been disappointed, With so much identity theft going on, I have always been confident while shopping on this site. Helpful, offers great products and prices. Thank you for the opportunity to believe in an honest company who truly cares about the product and customer they are serving.


Compliments to you and your wonderful staff for expediting my order. Rarely is customer service so gracious and equally efficient, in fact usually the opposite is the norm. My order arrived today exactly as I requested and on the day I was promised. I look forward to sharing my experience with all the women who would use your services. Special thanks to Glenn.

- B.S Fl

Lori, I would like to thank you for keeping such reasonable prices. There are too many places that take advantage of women suffering from hair loss, and I appreciate you not being one of them. Dealing with hair loss is stressful enough for a woman without the added feeling of being taken advantage of. Also, thank you for your always friendly and helpful customer service.


I have been ordering wigs from you all for 5 years and have never been disappointed. Your customer service and promptness with answers to my emails and questions (as well as the delivery) never cease to amaze me... Thank you so much for doing all that your company does :) I cannot tell you how many people think my wigs are my real hair, and then when I tell them I am wearing a wig, they are SHOCKED!! I then give them the name of this website and tell them to buy buy buy, even if they don't need one! :)


I love shopping with this company. Anytime I have a question, I get a reply very quickly. I trust this company and have and would recommend to anyone in need of a special wig/hairpiece.

- A.B Ontario

Lori is amazing. Her EXCELLENT commitment to customer service is above any I have ever seen. Products are beautiful and her pricing is the most reasonable that I know of. Items ship fast and are always delivered as promised. I would highly recommend Lori's Wigsite to any and all persons who want not only great products but AMAZING care and concern for her customers. What a God send. THANKS, Lori.


I just wanted to take this time to thank you so much for your OUTSTANDING customer service. I can speak from my end and let you know that I have never dealt with a company who had such amazing customer contact and service. You make your customers feel so special.
Thank you again for all that you and your company bring to those of us who rely on your products. I am so blessed to have come upon your site all those years ago.

-I.G. PA

It is nice to find a company that actually cares about the customer and doesn't try to overprice items so the average person cannot afford to buy a decent wig. I am so grateful for Lori's, she returns my emails immediately and is caring and thoughtful to those in need. I have worn wigs all my life and it is only through Lori's that I have been able to afford a decent hairpiece that actually looks and makes me feel like a normal person.

-L.L. MA

I have not made a purchase anywhere other than with Lori Site since purchasing my first first piece at a shop.
Lori is also patience and very helpful with suggestions and recommendations regarding the selections. I have not even actually gone to any other websites to even compare prices, etc. I don't believe that I could the great customer satisfaction anywhere else.

-K.S. Georgia

I currently am wearing (yes still, even though it's been 3 years!) the Fire 9inch wig from the Impressions collection. I love this wig however, its time has come to an end. I love the European hair & The other thing I love about this wig is the cap. I love the dermafix-like material. It is wonderful. This wig has spoiled me! Thank you Lori for suggesting it to me.

-G.W. Chicago

Having now purchased 3 (and counting!) Impressions " Tricia" from you, I can honestly say I feel that I have found a home. Also, having spoken with you on the phone, and sharing some laughs through our emails, I know I made the right move to choose Lori's Wigsite. Alopecia is a hard disease to live with, but your sensitivity, service and willingness to help has made me feel that I have found a safe haven. Thank you!


In 2001, I was 41 years old and lost all of my beautiful long red hair. I was eventually diagnosed with Alopecia Areata and frantically searching for answers and wigs online. Lori's Wigsite was the first site I found to order from.
I was overwhelmed with anxiety in regards to losing my hair but a customer service rep talked to me and explained about wigs and how to take care of them and order the correct size and color.
I have used other wig sites but I always return to Lori's the best source for Alopecia sufferers in regards to price, fast service and quality of product. You are the best!!

-- K.B

Best of all - SERVICE. There is not one other wig site out there that comes close to Lori's. I don't feel like a "number" as she responds quickly to your e-mail's. Count me as a VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER!!

-- P.M Michigan

A very "user friendly" site. Altogether a very pleasant experience. You are professional, and seem to be sensitive to your customers" needs. For people like myself, we have to order from abroad, which requires a leap of faith. You certainly did not disappoint!! Thank you. On the strength of this I have placed my second order. PLEASE do not disappear!!!
Good Luck.




Fantastic, how I lived without you before, I don't know! At last I've found products that help my hair problems. No more bad hair days!

--M.B United Kingdom

I have had the best experience shopping on this site and have had VERY FAST service at times I needed hairpieces in a matter of days!
--MCH Washington

Your business has given my daughter a new lease on life. She suffers from Trichotillomania (hair-pulling) and wearing a wig has been a god send. Thank you very much.

--C.E California

Using your products has cut the cost of my hair replacement from $4400 yearly to approximately $800 yearly. I can't thank you enough. Now I am able to order my men's piece from you 1 piece at a time, alter it to fit my hair free area, attach it with the bond, and visit my regular hair dresser that I used to use before I lost my hair and have her cut it just like a regular head of hair. I also want to mention the quality of the hair is excellent as it keeps it's softness for quite a while, much longer than my previous replacement system. Your site gives me the opportunity to amaze people when I reveal " It's a replacement" for a fraction of the cost. Thanks for everything!


D.C New York

I have been shopping with Lori's wig site for 2+ years ordering on the average of 1 wig every 3 months. Lori has been exceptional to do business with...her service is exemplary. I love her accessibility, her immediate responses and fast deliveries. Thank you, Lori!


"I have ordered so successfully, and with ease and speed, that you now have a devoted customer. You responded to my recent SOS and I managed to pull off the perfect weekend, with perfect hair! Thank you for being who and what you represent yourselves as being, what a refreshing concept."

-- A.P.

"Thank you so much for the "free shipping" when I purchased my two wigs. You have been so wonderful to work with, and the site is so user-friendly. Everything is as represented, and the delivery has been so prompt. It's a pleasure doing business with you, Thanks again..."

-- S.C.
New York

"Thanks for the service I received with my recent order on-line with your company. I was very pleased with the experience and the wigs. They are exactly as depicted, with the color being identical. I'm sure it won't be the last order from me!"

-- D.V.
South Africa

"Hi, Lori - Just want to share with you the reaction to the Sydney wig I purchased from you a few weeks ago. It is a huge hit! I wore it to the office today and had a regular traffic jam of folks oohing and aahing over how great it looks. In fact; I think they wish they had one. So, I'm forwarding your web site to them for consideration. Maybe I'll start a new fashion trend here at the office - the wig as a fun accessory!

-- E.N.

"This is a great site to purchase a wig; mine was really perfect. Lori talked with me two to three times helping me decide on the wig I needed. She was exceptionally patient in helping me decide!!!!!!!! Great delivery service; very responsible company!"

-- P.L.

"Hi, Lori - I appreciate your understanding and have told others of your site at the place I receive chemo..."

-- H.P. California

It's a pleasure doing business with you. I feel that you really care about your customers! You can count on my continued business. Thanks again for your courteous and prompt care...Barbara"

-- B.L.

"Dear Lori,
I was really impressed with the Noriko Product that I ordered from you. I have bought may wigs over the last year from shops and on line. You definitely have a superior product. The Noriko Elena I purchased last year at a shop was not as superior as your product, even though it was the same exact wig. You definitely have all my business now as I love wigs- I am a cancer survivor. Your shipping was excellent too. Thanks for being trustworthy and honest."

-- Love, Joan B.

"I was totally pleased with your product and was hoping to purchase another Impressions human hair wig from you. I have alopecia totalis and could never be without. I appreciate you and your company for taking care of my hair needs.
Again, I was completely satisfied with your product. Thank you for allowing me to give you feedback."

-- A.B.

"I will be losing my hair in a few weeks due to chemotherapy. I was apprehensive about ordering a wig over the internet and about choosing the right style and color. I ordered the Louis Ferre "April" Wig on Monday late afternoon and it was delivered by UPS (ground) on Tuesday, 22 hours later. Amazing! As it turns out I could not have chosen a more perfect duplicate of my current hair color or style - I was just hoping it would be something I could tolerate for the time I had to wear it. Thank you very much! "

-- C.R.
New Jersey

Recommend = Yes
A friend with "hair issues" could not believe how nice my 1st wig was. I told her about your site, and she ordered one. Also, when I went for a hair trim, before I removed the wig I had on, the beautician thought "that" was what she intended to cut. She was amazed at the quality.
Her friend - also a hair dresser - had to shave her head, due to cancer. She spent over $1000 on a wig, and didn't like it.
My hairdresser was going to tell her about mine, and the site where I purchased it! I've had cashiers in Target and the supermarket complement my style & color, and wanted to know where I had it done. They were stunned when I told them the truth. I was initially hesitant about wearing one, but I'd had significant hair loss due to a medication. I finally feel confident when I leave the house. That is why I am ordering my 3rd one, today. Thank you for making me feel better about myself!

Thanks for being such a reliable company to purchase from. I purchase wigs REGULARLY, and will only purchase from you! Thanks for making a hard situation easier to deal with. :)
-- E.S.