Lori's Wigsite
Est. 1998

The idea for Lori’s Wigsite started back in the 1990’s. Lori Roddey, the owner of Lori’s Wigsite, often visited her sister’s South Florida wig salon, JMC Hairwear. She saw how much her sister’s clients appreciated the personalized care and excellent customer service they received. The clients would travel great distances to see her sister and be fitted for a new wig or hairpiece.

Lori felt there was a need to offer high quality, affordable wigs and hairpieces with that same level of personalized service. Servicing those who did not have a wig salon to visit in their local area, and could not travel to South Florida. She understood that many clients would be going through a very traumatic time, suffering devastating hair loss from chemotherapy or alopecia. They would need a compassionate, understanding person to help them select just the right wig or hairpiece and face the world with renewed confidence. Lori knew she could be that person. And that’s when Lori's Wigsite was born.

Our mission is to make our customers feel confident and comfortable while doing business with us through our online store. We offer a wide range of wigs, hairpieces and accessories, all easily viewable through our website. The ordering process is easy and secure, allowing customers to shop safely from the privacy of their own homes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We are proud to say that we now ship our many and varied wigs and hair products Worldwide. We make inquiries a top priority, so if a customer needs a question answered, we are available to assist them via email or by phone, in a prompt, sensitive and courteous manner.

Lori’s Wigsite customers are always commenting on how clear and user-friendly our website is. We think they can sense our easygoing, friendly attitude and how much we value our customers, and they know that their experience with us will be a great one.

Word of mouth spread quickly about our quality service and friendly staff, which allowed Lori’s Wigsite to grow and prosper. We owe our success and longevity to our wonderful and very loyal customers. Our vision turned out exactly how we anticipated – not only are we able to provide our customers with great service and satisfaction, but we have also gained many special friendships along the way and find helping those in need to be very rewarding.

Lori's Wigsite can now proudly say that we've accomplished our dreams and have enjoyed the opportunity to serve thousands of happy customers worldwide for over 25 years!

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