Auto Delivery Order
Auto deliver your favorite items on a schedule to avoid backorders & delays.

      Here's how it works...
      • Auto Delivery Contract is one year. Lock in a discounted price for one year.

      • Auto Delivery minimum of 3 pieces per year... (deposit required) -to lock in the price for one year from the date you start, if prices go up, you will not need to worry.

      • We will pre-order desired style and color and hold them at our location for you, then every 3 month or 4 months (depending on how frequently you need them), we would ship one out to you with a 20% discount off the price of the wig when you start the program.

        *This way, it ensures that you will receive your order without any worries or delays.

        *If you need the next order any sooner (than what is originally requested for the auto-ship), just call or Email us and we would be happy to get it out to you right away.

        *After the initial quantity you requested (or after 1 year) are shipped out, we can renew the order, or if you would like to change style or color at that time, we can do that as well.

        Contact a Lori's Wigsite Team Member for additional details.

      *Lori's Wigsite reserves the right to cancel or discontinue the Auto-Delivery at anytime for any reason - you would be notified by email. Additional terms and conditions may apply.