*Below are definitions for terms commonly used in the Men's product descriptions:

Daily Wear: To take on and off daily by the use of tape or clips.

Extended Wear: One of the most popular methods of wearing hair today with the use of medical grade adhesives, or a sewn on method.

Attachment Options: Medical bonding, Clips, Tape, Fusion, Bonding Rings, or by using Snaps.

Polyurethane: This is used as a border to create a better form. Polyurethane can come in three different thickness': light, medium or heavy.

PU See Thru: This is the clearest version of P.U. you can use. Unfortunately, it also is the weakest in terms of hair loss, since the hair has no mesh to knot to. This is typically used in the front section.

Glass Silk: This is the same as P.U. See Thru, except is has silk embedded into it so the hair has something to tie into. This also appears daily see thru and will hold up as far as hair loss is concerned.

Coated Polyurethane: This is the least see thru of all the polyurethane's. It also is the most durable and the thickest to the feel.

M- Mesh: Monofilament means that each hair or fiber is hand tied into an ultra fine sheer mesh base. When looking down into a monofilament top, the hair appears to be growing out of the scalp. Monofilament is the best base available. Monofilament wigs or hairpieces can be styled in any direction you desire, providing the styling versatility of real hair ... the ultimate way to look and feel your best every day!

T- Mesh: A single layer of soft hexagon polyester.

Scallops: Used on polyurethane, an irregular front hairline created by one of 5 standard scallops.

Forward for Pomp: This gives the maximum lift to finished styles. Hair is vented with a center-open crown and directed forward.

Freestyle: A/K/A "part anywhere", gives the same appearance as center crown forward for pomp.

Welded P-Mesh: Can be 1/8" or 1/4" in the front to create a soft edge.

DTU Folded Lace: Is a soft 1/8" polyester mesh folded on the front edge.

T- Adhesive: A product designed for enhancing durability of the tape in front or holding the lace material down without tape.

*Here is our Glossary of Terms commonly used in the Women's product descriptions.

Hand-Tied Construction: Only the finest quality monofilament wigs offer the kind of comfort and style found in this Rene of Paris series. Features a Hand-tied top with double-monofilament construction: plus calibrated machine wefting at the sides and back. A polyurethane tape tab at the front completes the beautiful, carefully crafted product. This means that the wig cap is very lightweight. The hairs (fibers) are actually hand sewn into the cap, allowing for ease of styling and parting.

Monofilament construction gives the appearance that the hair is actually growing from the scalp. Thin, breathable fabric is placed at the hairline or the front of the head toward the crown section.

The top portion of the cap is specially woven to allow for comfort and excellent ventilation. This helps to prevent irritation and itchiness. It will "Breather" while being worn, thereby preventing heat and moisture build up.

Monofilament is considered to be one of the most desirable of wig types. Most women, especially those who wear wigs every day, feel that its superior wearability and natural look more than justify the additional cost.

Open Ear Tabs:
These are perfect if you wear eye glasses, as the flexible material allows for the ear tabs to adjust and contour to the face, around the temple area.

Permanent Lift: A backcombing effect that provides body and fullness to any wig style.

Permanent Tease: Without adding weight, crimping at the base adds hair volume to any wig style.

Reverse Wefting: Imitates a more natural look by adding short hairs around your ears and along your natural hairline.

Stretch Lace/Lycra: Allows the wig to conform to the shape of your head. Therefore, you achieve a more comfortable, secure fit.

Thin Wefting: Allows better distribution of fibers by adding more wefts with less fiber on each strand, giving the same mobility of a hand tied wig.

Velcro Sizing Adjustments: Allows you to adjust your wig (at the nape section) up to 1 inch larger or smaller for a better fit.

Velvet Comfort Band: A 1 inch band of velvet is placed on the front perimeter of the wig, providing softness to the head, and preventing friction. A great feature for sensitive scalps.